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about us

Myeschoolweb developed keeping in mind the need for simple, user-friendly software. We can set up it easily and you can get started in minutes. The application is developed by using latest technologies. Myeschoolweb will be suitable for all kind of institutions whether it is small, large or a network of institutions. Decide your budget and choose from the wide modules according to your requirements.Extremaa Technologies takes great pride to present "Myeschoolweb".
The present day communication between Teachers (SCHOOL) and Parents happens only through the School Diary which will not work on emergencies, holidays and vacation. Extremaa Technologies intends to fill this gap. Myeschoolweb provides the perfect platform where students career is moulded enabling a constructive environment for their overall development.

Benefits for the Students
  • Knowledge of particular day's class(portion taken,home work,test details,teacher's instructions etc) even if absent, enabling preparations for the next day
  • Effective parent-teacher communication ensures academic excellence.
  • Web interface allows to take prints of class notes provided by the teacher
  • Previous days information on recall sms

Benefits for the Teachers
  • Assuring the safety of their students
  • Effective communication with parents on day to day basis other than the PTA meeting, completely in time
  • For lower classes, Teachers need to make only a single entry rather than writing in multiple diaries thus reducing the unwanted stress of clerical activity.
  • Keeping the parents involved with daily activities will reduce telephonic calls
  • Teachers can upload their notes on the web portal for the benefit of the students who were either absent or might have lost their notes

Benefits for the Parents
  • No apprehensions about the safety of their children since they receive an immediate teacher authenticated absent alert if their child is absent in class
  • More involvement in the children's educational activities since they get messages from the school regarding their child's performance and activities day by day.
  • Reports on daily activities in school including notes from teacher, exam schedules, time table changes, fee reminders etc.
  • Knowledge of what the child does in School
  • Easy communication in case of emergencies like harthals, unscheduled holidays etc

Benefits for the School
  • Effective communication builds everlasting relationship
  • Communication regarding the activities and facilities provided in school.
  • Reports on daily activities in school including notes from teacher, exam schedules, time table changes, fee reminders etc.
  • Possible to update and intimate the academic calendar.
  • Admin can monitor the portions covered with the academic lesson plan.Details regarding every student are at the finger tips of the admin.